Pet Friendly business experts, advocates and ecosystem builders

our Why


Our vision, our purpose, our driving force is to shine a light on the power of pet friendly and the unconditional light that pets teach us. Our mission is to help businesses and cities alike create amazing pet experiences that raise the bar on what it means to be pet inclusive.

 “I think dogs are the most amazing creatures; they give unconditional love. For me, they are the role model for being alive.”

— Gilda Radner (comedian) 

Pug with a red collar looking over a fence.

Pug with a red collar looking over a fence.

Our How

The Pet Friendly Journey

Pets Living the Dream started out with the idea of helping to bring pet safe/planet safe products to the hospitality industry for traveling pet parents and furry guests. As our experience grew we recognized a greater opportunity to serve the pet inclusive business community and build an "eco system" of partners and businesses with similar and complementary missions.

So what does that look like?

For our clients in workplaces, hospitality and travel, the housing community and cities. We help you create and implement programs designed to attact pet parents to your destination and drive economic benefits while providing engaging experiences and safe environments for pets and their people. 

For our partners. We work with and promote like minded partners to provide resources and expertise to amplify the pet inclusive experience.

For our eco-system. Connect pet inclusive business and cities with partners and products to support and grow their pet friendly initiatives that are good for pets, people and the planet.

Our vision and mission is all about empowering businesses and cities alike to create memorable, safe and fun programs for visiting pet families and through those experiences shine a bright light on the unconditional love that we are taught through our furry loved ones. 

We are here to serve you and be your "Go To" pet friendly resource and partner! 

Dog riding  in passenger side of a car.

Dog riding  in passenger side of a car.

who we are

Picture of Karen Bartoszek

Karen Bartoszek, Founder and President

Karen is a passionate dog mom, thought leader and founder of Pets Living the Dream, a business consulting firm that creates pet friendly programs that help cities and businesses stand out from their competition and win the praise of pet parents—especially the much-coveted Millennials and Gen Zs. She is a graduate of Corporate America with over 20 years at AT&T and IBM and built her pet friendly expertise in parallel with and through her corporate career. She is currently the project manager for the St. Pete PAWS pet friendly initiative.

A lifelong pet lover, the business idea for Pets Living the Dream started when Karen got her first dog, Sabrina, in 1996. The dream back then was to sell pet products to the hospitality industry but the market was not yet ready. Studying the pet industry over the years she recognized the amazing transformation happening from pet owners to pet parents. Karen stepped out on wings of faith in 2016, leaving the IBM “cocoon” to pursue her dream of making the world a pet friendlier place and promote the power of pet friendly.

Pets are Karen’s passion and her mission. Her vision is to shine a light on the unconditional love that we are taught by our furry loved ones. By making it easier for businesses and cities to be pet friendly, it’s easier for pet parents to spend more quality time with their furry babies. Her goal is to make pet friendly so safe, easy and sustainable that it truly becomes a way of life in communities and businesses across the nation and around the world. 

Picture of Indi Bartoszek

Indi Bartoszek

Indi plays several very important roles at Pets Living the Dream. These range from testing the quality of the products we promote to serving as the Chief Security Officer protecting Pets Living the Dream from squirrels and the UPS truck. She has recently taken on a new role as Corporate SpokesDog for Pets Living the Dream. You can find her on Instagram at petslivingthedream. 

Indi takes all her roles very seriously. She will, however, drop everything to welcome guests--especially if they might have a treat for her. 

Indi has proudly earned her Canine Good Citizen Certification, loves treats, her mom and meeting new friends--both two and four legged.

Indi's picture was taken by AGOLD PHOTO Pet Photography.