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 Pets Living the Dream started out with the mission to provide products for the hospitality industry that were good for pets, people and the planet. We researched the marketplace and found several amazing companies with products that were perfect for traveling pet parents and the places they were visiting. Here are a few of our favorites. Our goal is to help create connections with businesses providing good products with pet friendly businesses and communities doing great things for pets. We’ll continue to add more. Hope these are helpful! 

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DogHook Leash Hooks

Installed DogHook leashe hook with a leashs hooked.

 Dog Hook Leash Hooks were started by pet parents who saw a need.  When they were out they would see dogs with their families at breweries, restaurants, etc. with nowhere to hook their leashes or the leashes precariously hooked on a chair leg or arm.  They created the most durable leash hitches on the market today.  They are specially designed to prevent the leashes for slipping off and come with a five year manufacturer’s warranty. 

bioDOGradable pet waste bags

The bioDOGradable logo.

Sustainability is a key differentiator and motivation to select bioDOGradable bags. The sole mission of the bioDOGradable company is to reduce plastic pollution by offering eco-friendly pet waste bag alternatives. They are 100% biodegradable. Made of maize flour and vegetable oil, the bags are natural, GMO Free and food grade—basically a food for microorganisms.   

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West Paw

Pitcure of the West Paw "frisbees" in lime gen, blue and orange.

 West Paw Toys. This company is based in Montana and is a certified B Corp. They are a leader in sustainability and offer an amazing product line of toys, beds, leashes and collars that are US made and designed with pet fun and safety in mind. They even offer a line of pet beds that are made with recycled water bottles! 

Skout's Honor

Picture of the line of Skout's Honor cleaning products.

 Skout's Honor cleaning products are all-natural, professional strength and offer Better, Faster, Stronger solutions for pet stain and odor problems. Their Enzyme-free formulas are compatible with other cleaners, require no pre-treatment or special storage and handling and never expire. Most importantly, they are pet safe, super powerful and effective - they really work. I love these products. I use them in my home and have recommended them to friends who were amazed at how effective they were. 

Alcott First Aid Kit

Adventure First Aid kit bag from alcott.

 All the first aid essentials needed in case of emergency in one place. Alcott is a leader in pet travel and created this kit with pets in mind. Alcott also offers a cost effective line of leashes and pet boots that can be perfect for hot pavements in summer and snowy walks in northern climates. 

Pura Natural Pets

Box of Pura Natural Pets Wipes.

Pura Naturals Pet Wipes. Paw and body clean-up wipes. Individual packets perfect for in room amenities and at the front desk. Anywhere pets might need a little clean-up.  Pura Naturals Pet has won several awards for their all natural product line of pet care products.