Pet Friendly consultants, advocates and ecosystem builders


Good for Pets, People & the Planet

 When we started Pets Living the Dream we knew that we wanted to promote products that were first and foremost safe for our furry babies. From treats to toys to clean-up products--everything needed to be pet safe. In researching those products we learned more about other ways to help the planet, too.  A primary example is providing alternatives to single use plastic bags for pet waste with compostable and truly degradable waste bags.

At SuperZoo, one of the pet industry's signature trade shows, we had the opportunity to attend the Pet Sustainability Coalition's (PSC) networking event and meet the pet businesses who are working hard to make a difference for people pets, and the planet. The mission of the PSC is to accelerate environmental and social sustainability in the pet industry through education, implementation tools, and collaboration. 

There are so many ways we can each make a difference in our corner of the world to promote sustainability. Our goal is to work with and promote those businesses striving to make a difference.  To those businesses--you are our inspiration and we thank you for all you are doing.


Small spaniel in the grass with a rope toy in it's mouth.
Small spaniel in the grass with a rope toy in it's mouth.